Make beautiful beaded earrings with artist Linda Rettich.

Artist Linda Rettich's bio will be placed here.

"Building an object with tiny beads is an intense activity. The process demands close scrutiny, constant decision-making, flexibility, innovation, and time.  It involves critical dialogue between what I see and where I want to go — allowing the piece I’m working on to discover itself as it develops.  Every piece I make is a creative adventure.

I start with a concept, an image in my head.  Ideas come from my graphic design background, my interest in ethnic textiles, my sewing and embroidery training, my love of Japanese art, almost everything I’ve seen in museums and galleries, other craft areas, and my travels.  Past experiences become available to me in the present.

I’m never at a loss for ideas, but only the idea that won’t let go becomes a reality. I’ll search for supportive information if necessary but I never pre-plan on paper.  I choose techniques appropriate for the piece I’m contemplating, I gather tools and other materials and, most important, select beads that will inspire the work I’m about to begin.  I love working with the smallest of beads to create textile-like patterns, color progressions, textures, and tiny details within larger shapes.

Finishing is the final challenge. Each piece requires an individualized solution that complements its appearance and function.

When I’m engrossed in a beading project, time and the world “out there” go away.  My need to organize and construct takes over.  The quiet, repetitive action of beads-to-needle soothes and relaxes.  With a profusion of beads within reach, a threaded needle in my hand, and a visualization that drives me forward, I’m living at my creative edge.  It doesn’t get better than that.

- Linda Rettich, 2020

During a 120 minute workshop, artist Linda Rettich will demonstrate and guide you step by step in making a pair of beaded earrings. The kit will be provided for the participants and each kit will include seed beads, a focal large bead, thread, needle, along with a printout of instructions to take home.

  • Sunday, September 27, 2020
  • 2 pm - 4 pm
  • The Garage Art Center
  • Free and open to the public. (Not recommended for children.)
  • All materials provided.
  • Each kit will include seed beads, a focal large bead, thread, needle, & a printout of instructions.
  • To register, please email