Etching Copper with Ferric Cholride
with artist Sara Blumenstein

Artist Sara Blumenstein is a designer and inventor. She lives and works in Great Neck, New York.

"In my life, science and art have always been inextricably connected. My educational qualifications include an MS in Science Education and certification to teach Art through high school.

As a middle school science teacher, I was always looking for ways to make the science meaningful and marry the learning to real life. Chemical etching turned out to be a great activity for this purpose. As a designer, a minimalist, I am interested in how to get the most from the least. When I first tried using Ferric chloride to etch, I was surprised at the good results, even for a beginner. The simplicity of the process really hooked me ."

- Sara Blumenstein, 2021

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Ferric chloride is an easy to use, fairly benign, chemical for etching images into copper. Rubber stamps, permanent markers, and printer transfer paper can all be used to create complex designs. You never really know what you will get when the piece is cleaned up, but it’s usually a nice surprise. Participants will be able to etch and take with them their own finished design on a copper blank. All necessary materials will be provided.

During 120 minutes of the hands-on workshop, artist Sara Blumenstein will guide you to create an etching art using copper and other tools.

  • Date & Time
  • Saturday, July 17, 2022
  • 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm

  • Location
  • The Garage Art Center
  • 26-01 Corporal Kennedy St. Bayside, NY 11360

  • Free and open to the pubic. (Age 10 & up recommended.)
  • All materials provided.
  • To register, please click the button below or email