At the Garage Art Center, we believe in the transformative power of art to uplift and unite our community. Our dedication to the visual arts shines through in the quality arts we present, promoting pleasure and appreciation for art while enriching the lives of our audience by introducing them to new forms and genres.

One of our core values is to support artists by providing them with a platform to exhibit their work completely free of charge. When you purchase artwork from our exhibitions, 100% of the sales directly support the artists, empowering them in their creative endeavors.

Beyond exhibitions, we host a vibrant array of art programs, all of which are FREE and open to the public. Our goal is to celebrate the rich diversity of our community and create a space where art can connect, communicate, and create solidarity among us all.

To continue our journey and spread the value of art within our community, we need your support.

Donate Today


If you would prefer to send us a check, please make it payable to The Garage Art Center, Inc.
and mail it to 26-01 Corporal Kennedy St., Bayside, NY 11360.

Thank you for being an essential part of our creative community and supporting the arts! Let’s come together to showcase the world what art can do, and how it can enrich and transform each of us.

Fundrasing Campaign with Wearable Art

Supported by our great artists, we are thrilled to launch our fundrasing campaign with wearable art.

Click Here to Purchase Wearable Art

Exhibitions & Galleries Fund

This fund will be used for basic online and offline marketing materials of the exhibition such as postcard, poster, wall lettering, labels, website design, and eNewsletter design. It will also help with the maintenance of the gallery space such as replacing light bulbs, wall repairing and cleaning up after each exhibition.

Sponsor Workshops & Events

Artists will do hands-on art workshops or talks related to their exhibition at the gallery. All of our workshops and events are free and open to the public. With your support, we can provide materials to artists so we can share quality art experience with the community. This fund will also support other art related events held at the gallery.

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