with artist Jeong Min Park

Jeong Min Park is a visionary New York-based artist renowned for her captivating exploration of abstract art intertwined with profound spiritual concepts. Her creative journey, shaped by diverse cultural experiences, has led her to become a celebrated name in the contemporary art world.

Having honed her artistic skills through rigorous academic pursuits, Jeong Min received her Master of Fine Arts (MFA) from Long Island University and Suwon University, South Korea. Armed with a deep passion for self-expression, she embarked on an artistic odyssey that has taken her work across international borders.

With an impressive portfolio of achievements, Jeong Min boasts an impressive track record of 15 solo exhibitions, each an exquisite manifestation of her unique artistic perspective. In addition, she has actively participated in numerous group shows held on both national and international stages, leaving an indelible mark on the art scenes of the USA, China, and South Korea.

Jeong Min Park's artistry is a sublime blend of abstract and figurative elements, each brushstroke infused with the essence of her beliefs. Rejecting the confines of complete abstraction, she embraces a hybrid form, expressing her conviction in the concept of reincarnation. Her profound philosophy posits that we exist not only in the present but also in the past and will continue to live again. Each line and dot in her mesmerizing paintings symbolizes different meanings within this eternal spiritual cycle. In a symphony of colors and gestures, she deftly weaves the tapestry of her past, present, and future memories, embracing both the joys and tribulations that define life's inexorable flow.

Jeong Min's creative process is a transcendent experience in itself. She begins with an abstract approach, allowing her emotions and intuition to guide her hand, liberating her artistic expression. As she adds layer upon layer to her canvas, an enchanting metamorphosis occurs, and images reminiscent of tranquil landscapes emerge, mirroring the profound relationships and experiences that have molded her into the artist she is today. Her paintings, therefore, become more than mere depictions; they become gateways to the soul, encapsulating the very essence that inspired their inception.

For Jeong Min, painting transcends the realm of realism, becoming a conduit for the intangible aspects of life that can only be felt, not merely seen. Her art is a captivating exploration of the ethereal, a testament to her boundless creativity and artistic ingenuity. With an unwavering commitment to her craft, Jeong Min Park continues to challenge artistic conventions, forging her path into the hearts and minds of art enthusiasts worldwide. Her masterpieces resonate with a profound spirituality, inviting viewers to contemplate the infinite cycle of existence and connect with the timeless threads that unite us all.

As she continues her artistic journey, we eagerly anticipate the myriad of possibilities that lie ahead for this gifted artist, her work destined to leave an enduring legacy in the annals of contemporary art.

This 90-minute workshop provided participants with a unique opportunity to explore the techniques and concepts behind artist Jeong Min's evocative art. Guided by the artist herself, attendees experimented with a diverse range of tools, including pens, needles, chopsticks, and cosmetic brushes, learning to apply ink on Hanji (Korean hand-made mulberry paper). They witnessed firsthand how each method elicited different moods and textures on the Hanji, echoing Jeong Min's own artistic process.

The creative journey began with abstract expressionism, reflecting Jeong Min's approach in her solo exhibition 'Circulation.' Through captivating demonstrations and personal insights from the artist, participants gained a deeper appreciation for the spiritual essence in Jeong Min's paintings. Each gesture, each brushstroke, became a conduit connecting past, present, and future memories, weaving a unique tapestry of experiences and emotions.

This workshop welcomed all art enthusiasts, regardless of their prior artistic experience, providing them with an opportunity to explore the depths of their creativity. All materials, including Hanji paper, ink, and various tools, were thoughtfully provided.

Participants immersed themselves in the enigmatic world of 'Circulation,' guided by the talented Jeong Min Park. It was a delightful afternoon of art, where everyone present enjoyed the creative journey together.

This program is made possible in part with public funds from the Queens Arts Fund, a re-grant program supported by New York City Department of Cultural Affairs in partnership with the City Council and administered by New York Foundation for the Arts.

This workshop is also supported in part by Queens Rising, a multi disciplinary arts celebration created to highlight the borough's culture and creative diversity.

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