Draw and Create Sound Rhythms
with Artist Tina Seligman

Throughout her career, mixed media artist Tina Seligman has been exploring patterns in nature through music, visual art, poetry, and movement with artwork exhibited in Manhattan; Queens; Southold; and Saratoga Springs. Solar Lunar Transcriptions, her 2018 solo exhibit at Flushing Town Hall (FTH), included interactive poetry, music, and movement for the viewer. Her related video collaboration with photographer Dan Rubin was chosen as an Experimental Short for the 2016 New York Independent Film Festival.

Tina has been a Teaching Artist-in-Residence through Flushing Council on Culture and the Arts since 2000. Her in-school residencies and workshops for visiting young people and adults integrate hands-on projects with music, visual art, and academic curriculum to offer a multi-sensory experience. Since 2018, she became a Flushing Town Hall Education Representative working with other teaching artists through CASA programs. She is currently designing theatrical sets for Adam Crescenzi's CASA school plays.

As a curator, Tina worked with Dan Rubin on his 2018 solo photography exhibition at FTH, Tribal Baroque: Moments and Metamorphoses. In 2004, she curated Vibrations at FTH, which included a poetry invitational and reading. Tina also regularly contributed to Art of the Times magazine from 2005 through 2013 and has written essays for books including Duoling Huang: The Cultural Landscape in 2014. The Feral Press published several of her poems and monotypes including a 2005 booklet "Seeds" which is based on musical structure, and illustrations for Joan Digby's translations of Japanese Moon Haiku in 2010. Tina’s poetry has been included in the P.S. 1 Contemporary Museum’s website, Prehensile Pencil Publications, and Cicada Haiku Quarterly among other periodicals.

Tina's passion for art, dance, theater, and the film was inspired by her mother Irene and by working with her father Maxwell, a film editor for cel animation, live-action documentaries, experimental films, and commercials in the heyday of 16mm and 35mm film. After earning a Bachelor of Arts in Fine Art, magna cum laude from Queens College, she continued with music theory at Hunter College and studied viola, fiddle, Isadora Duncan dance technique, as well as English Country Dance and Middle Eastern Dance.

Scrolls are a form of storytelling, movement, travel, and discovery as they unfurl. During this 40 minute workshop, under the guidance of artist Tina Seligman, participants will draw and create sound rhythms together with colored chalk on a blue paper "sea" scroll in response to music.

With music composed and recorded by jazz artist, Iga Mrozek, and as musicians "jam" and improvise with each other, we will move around the scroll every so often and then respond not only to the music but also to each other's work as we add new layers like tidal waves flowing back and forth changing what is beneath them. And we can share our experiences afterward.

  • Past Event
  • Free and open to the pubic. (Age 8 & up recommended.)
  • All materials provided.
  • Please email contact@garageartcenter.org for more information.

  • Due to the pandemic, we are replacing this collaborative workshop with a Sea Scroll collage project on video. We'll get back when things are normal again. Please click the button below to watch the Tina's workshop video.
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